There is a faster and more accurate way to do research. Use Synthetic Users.

How Synthetic Users is changing the research process.

For years this was our traditional research journey.

This is your new research journey. You now have two insight moments.

Your time-to-insight is reduced. Which means you can start to have meaningful business conversations earlier.

This means 3 things:

1. Because of our high degree of parity you can trust that the topics and insights from your organic research (which you will run after your Synthetic Users) are not going to diverge meaningfully. Our Synthetic / Organic parity is very high. How we know? We measure it regularly.

2. You will know the best questions to ask organic users. If you run a research goal interview, Synthetic Users will come up with the best interview questions.

3. You will be able to adjust your organic recruitment criteria as well as recruit a lot less organic.

Your costs are cut by 70% (if you add up recruitment + participant fees + your research time).

Change your process. Start your research with Synthetic Users.

We advocate for a 80 / 20 approach. (80% synthetic, 20% organic). In many ways it’s so much easier to start your study with Synthetic Users. We'll repeat:

  1. You get to understand how well your interview script is performing and whether your research goal is aligned with your business needs.
  2. You are able to quickly adjust your audience.
  3. You internalise most of the findings you are going to get with organic interviews, which allows you to focus on deeper insight.

After you run your Synthetic interviews you’ll be in a better position to focus on a particular theme in order to suss out deeper insight.