Our organic team

Kwame Ferreira
Kwame Ferreira

CEO — If you really want to know Kwame, listen to his Midnight Cuddles.
@fairphone @thevinylfactory @impossible @bondtouch
@nikabot @planetcentricfoundation

Hugo Alves
Hugo Alves

Lead Product Manager.
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Past product manager at @unbabel @prolific @kinsuinsurance @impossible

Short story

We are a group of engineers and product creators. We set out to solve one of our biggest pain points: user testing and market research.

It was always too expensive and took too long.

In 2019 we started experimenting with LLMs as a way to synthesise users (so we could test with them). It worked, i.e. our Synthetic Organic parity was pretty high to begin with. As we evolved, it became clearer that we were getting a lot of value out of our tool, especially in the product discovery phase.

Other people found value in our solution. We launched.

How many of these discovery initiatives can we successfully synthesise?

Run in depth interviews with Synthetic Users and explore their needs ✅

Send out a survey and identify problem areas worth solving ✅

Get feedback on an early idea/concept ✅

Design an experiment to test an assumption ✅

Test messaging ✅

Research and analyze competitors ✅

Share research findings and insights. ✅

Why Synthetic Users?

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