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“What you are building will radically democratize access to qualitative research within companies.”
Johan Van Langendonck
Director of Strategy

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At the end of the day it’s all about Synthetic Organic parity. We’re very open about how we measure it and improve on it.

Your questions, answered

The questions we get all the time and that we are happy to respond in detail below.

How does it work?

Synthetic Users uses the power of LLMs to generate users that have very high Synthetic Organic Parity. We start by generating a personality profile for each user, very much like a reptilian brain around which we reconstruct its personality. It’s a reconstruction because we are relying on the billions of parameters that LLMs have at their disposal.

Once the personality profiles are established, these Synthetic Users are set in motion to interact in a simulated environment. Leveraging multi-agent frameworks, these users engage in conversations, make decisions, and evolve over time based on their interactions. This dynamic interplay allows for a rich and diverse set of behaviors to emerge, closely mimicking the complexity and unpredictability of real human interactions. The continuous learning and adaptation of these users ensure that the generated data remains relevant and reflective of nuanced human behaviors, providing valuable insights for various applications.

What are the data sources

1. GPT, LLaMA, Mistral... we are agnostic re foundation model and will use the most appropriate for the task at hand. There are different levels of bias.

2. With RAG you are able to upload your own proprietary data, which will add a level of granularity to your Synthetic Users and study that you may require.

3. Just like with organic conversations, your level of specificity in your inputs will define the output. It’s really down to you.

Synthetic Users vs ChatGPT

Yes, you can run the same questions on ChatGPT, but the results will be very different. We rely on an agentic architecture and therefore what you get is a whole bunch of agents talking to each other in order to fulfil the task at hand. We also use more than just one model and that adds to the diversity we are known for.

In addition to the multi-agent architecture, Synthetic Users also benefit from enhanced contextual understanding and continuity in interactions. While GPT may provide coherent responses to isolated queries, Synthetic Users can maintain context across multiple interactions, enabling deeper and more consistent engagement. This capability allows for the simulation of long-term behaviors and relationships, offering a more holistic view of user dynamics. The incorporation of various foundation models and proprietary data further ensures that Synthetic Users deliver more accurate and contextually rich outputs, making them a superior choice for complex and specific use cases.

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“What you are building is absolutely massive. This is a breakthrough for people wanting to validate an idea, look at how to solve a problem and accelerate the validation of hypotheses.”
Henrick Farías
Founding Team @Jeeves | Fintech
“I just tried your product and I’m honestly scared. This reminded me of an episode of black mirror.”
Diego Jorge
Product Manager @TopTotal
“What you are building will radically democratize access to qualitative research within companies.”
Johan Van Langendonck
Director of Strategy, M&A and Partnerships at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions
“Oh! And I'm also someone who's used Synthetic Users to give me starting intelligence to then go and confirm that feedback with real life people. And guess what? The AI feedback lined up with human feedback over 95% of the time.”
Adam King
Behaviours Scientist
“If you’ve loved Synthetic Users, send us message on Twitter or Discord. We are building it with you!”

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