What's new? 4 new features

New UI with a Research Assistant

The goal of the research assistant will help you define the audience and goal. When the interviews are finished your research assistant will help you synthesise and generate an insights report. Our new UI leverages the power of the research assistant by guiding you towards the best research plan. You can skip this but the conversation with the research assistant will ensure your research plan is set up for success.

New language support

We now have, beyond English, full support for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (BR) and Japanese. It’s as easy as picking your language when you are creating your Synthetic Users.

RAG (users can upload their proprietary content)

You asked for it and we have responded. You can upload your proprietary content and ensure that your Synthetic Users have more context.

The big Shuffle

No we haven’t invented a new vintage iPod based dance. We’re simply leveraging more than one foundational model in our interviews and Surveys. For example: the interviewer as Claude and Synthetic User as GPT4, the Synthesising being done by Mistral… We use the best model for the task. A recent paper titled the Wisdom of the Silicon Crowd confirmed our approach. Diversity of models will work to the advantage of Synthetic Users.