Products creating products

We will differentiate ourselves by offering our customers real-time synthetic organic parity, seamlessly integrated into their idea and product development. This will create a self-sustaining loop of value that sets us apart from the competition.

With Synthetic Users our focus is in providing you with the best possible user feedback and insight.

Our moat will lie in our ability to provide real-time synthetic organic parity to our customers. To be an inbuilt part of the way they develop ideas and products. A loop of value.

How is the UX market going to change with AI? The simple answer: products will create products. But for the time being, more informed and intelligent humans will create better products. We will continue to simulate to accelerate and as part of this effort, having synthetic users really helps you and your team remove risk and speed up.

We need to define what world we want and not be at the mercy of tech. This will mean more global regulation, but until that time it means riding this exponential curve in a pragmatic way: how are these tools creating better products? Products that make my life easier, more productive and efficient but also happier? The market will naturally emphasize productivity. We should emphasize happiness and the way we use Synthetic Users to accelerate product development will make a difference in that balance.

If products are creating products does that mean we will need to find meaning outside the job that has been taken over by products? Will our income, as product creators, designers, researchers… come from being overseers? Product guides?

We’ve seen that being more productive and efficient does not equate to being happier. Happiness requires pleasure, which we get plenty of when doing things more efficiently but it also requires meaning. Lots of people separate the two. They find meaning outside their job, outside money. This trend will increase because our job as product creators will be highly automated. The good news: our job will be to become better humans. This can be addressed in part by creating better products.

Some of the products we have been creating have not been a net positive on society. I’ll let you fill in the blanks here.

In this world, synthetic users will not only be our replicas. They will also be our mirrors. A Petri dish of synthetic humanity we can experiment with in order to become better at being humans.

If you are interested in how we create tech for more humanity, check out one of our latest products, Bond Heart, created with the help of synthetic users.