Generating, Running and Sharing Synthetic Research. Really?

So you’ve picked your interview type. Great.

Next it’s time for you to generate and edit your Synthetic Users. The button says generate SUs.

Once you do do so and you get your Synthetic User Panel — we’ve made it easy for you to edit  with what we call a Synthetic Users editor. No, they don’t yet have photos (we did not want any distractions.) Focus on the parameters that are truly important. Everything else is noise. This is where you edit and adjust your synthetic users, not where you choose your next date.

Then you simply press Run Interviews in the top right.

Run your interviews

Run your interviews and then dive in. Don’t just rush to creating the report, there is a lot of diversity in our interviews. Content that will surprise you. If you wish to summarise everything quickly: hit that Create report button and get some instant insight.

A little note on the nature of interviews. They are not like organic interviews (interviews with real people). You’ll find that responses are denser, there is less chit chat and huhs…  and less waiting around. There is nothing wrong with organic interviews, they’re just… different. What is important is that the content is similar. And yes, it is.

Unlike organic users, Synthetic Users won’t just log off and go away when the interview is done. You can ask your Synthetic Users follow-up questions at the bottom of each interview.

Your insights will look like this (see image below). If you’re not happy with them (which we doubt) press the Regenerate button. Don’t you just wish you could do that in your real life? We do.

If you’re happy with them you can bookmark, export and share. All on the top right.

Your Synthetic User History

Where do all the studies go when you run them? They go to your history, also known as Synthetic Heaven. From your Synthetic User History you will be able to organise and open your studies, forever.

Thank you :-)