The transition to Continuous Insight and where we excel

In which phase is the most research conducted? This used to be a more staggered cascading approach. With the advent of continuous UX research, it stopped being about the phase and the focus moved much more to the type of research that will yield the best insight for that particular phase.

How continuous research is evolving to Continuous Insight.

You want to get to a point where your Synthetic Users are proactively looking at you your product and business and providing you the necessary insight for growth. You will move from continuous research to Continuous Insight. This is the journey we are on with you. In order to do so we are producing the most insightful interviews in the industry.

In which phase you engage with Synthetic Users is down to you. What we have noticed is that these are the three product lifecycle phases where Synthetic Users make the most difference to our customers:

If you are in the need identification phase: Run Dynamic Interviews or Problem Exploration interviews to get user behaviours, pain points and context.

If you are in concept testing phase: test ideas and concepts using our Solution Feedback interviews. You will want to move from qual to quant with surveys.

Growth phase: Continuous Insight™ where your Synthetic Users help you improve user satisfaction and identify additional needs.

Three things are happening:

1. We are starting to give our customers the ability to ingest their customer support tickets and existing research. This will give your Synthetic Users much more alignment with your business or product.

2. We are rolling out surveys as we move from qualitative interviews to a more quantitative reality. The insight we require will increasingly be more quantitative. You want to make choices based on data, large numbers, rather than individual opinions.

3. Your Synthetic Users will proactively provide you with the business intelligence you need to make better decisions. This is Continuous Insight™, led by your Synthetic Users rather than by internal research initiatives.

The transition towards Continuous Insight not only aligns research activities more closely with the dynamic needs of the business but also ensures that product development is continuously informed by up-to-date user insights.

With Continuous Insight™, companies foster a more user-centric culture, accelerate the innovation cycle, and enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace. This ongoing engagement with Synthetic Users across different product lifecycle phases underscores the shift from traditional research methodologies to a more integrated, continuous approach to user insights, paving the way for more informed and effective decision-making.