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32 year old logistics manager,
single, lives in a 4 bedroom in Madison,
Wisconsin. Loves
computer games. Is in a long distance relationship.
Has one cat and no living parents.

Your proposed solution scores a 3.5 out of 5

  • Your synthetic users are happy but not moved with the overall solution.
  • Your solution would benefit from a more upmarket and precious feel.
  • Your solution is lacking definition about the security measures in place to ensure the safety and privacy of their data.




Mitigate product risk

Teams aren’t testing enough
of teams are time limited for user testing
of teams are budget limited for user testing
recruiting respondents limitations



Find your winning concept and validate market fit. Learn about customer preferences, habits...

Optimise your


Synthetic users give you a unique overview on your product allowing you to uncover features and blockers

Fine-tune and segment

your own


Target your product to very specific audiences and get meaningful feedback

Price comparison (100 interviews)

Synthetic Users
Time to set up
Time to synthesise results
Participant fees per interview
50+ USD
49 USD
2.89 USD
Average spend per year for 100 interviews
7500 USD
15k+ USD
289 USD

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Our results are periodically compared with live user testing sessions.

Synthetic / organic


Synthetic Users is fast becoming the industry standard for user research

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are building with you

A small selection of what leaders, makers and builders have said about us.

“What you are building is absolutely massive. This is a breakthrough for people wanting to validate an idea, look at how to solve a problem and accelerate the validation of hypotheses.”
Henrick Farías
Founding Team @Jeeves | Fintech
“I just tried your product and I’m honestly scared. This reminded me of an episode of black mirror.”
Diego Jorge
Product Manager @TopTotal
“What you are building will radically democratize access to qualitative research within companies.”
Johan Van Langendonck
Director of Strategy, M&A and Partnerships at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions
“Oh! And I'm also someone who's used Synthetic Users to give me starting intelligence to then go and confirm that feedback with real life people. And guess what? The AI feedback lined up with human feedback over 95% of the time.”
Adam King
Behaviours Scientist
“If you’ve loved Synthetic Users, send us message on Twitter or Discord. We are building it with you!”

Product market fit can be


Our stack is fine tuned to ensure you get insights that allow you to increase your success metrics.

Planet centric
Your company
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Enrichment layer
Large language model
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