“What you are building is absolutely massive. This is a breakthrough for people wanting to validate an idea, look at how to solve a problem and accelerate the validation of hypotheses.”
Henrick Farías
Founding Team @Jeeves | Fintech
“I just tried your product and I’m honestly scared. This reminded me of an episode of black mirror.”
Diego Jorge
Product Manager @TopTotal
“I’ve just tried Synthetic Users to understand the motivations of why people change super funds. I’m so impressed. It provided me with real insight as to how customers may feel akin to actual customer face to face research.”
Sorab Del Rio
Experimentation Director
“The use case can have a huge impact in what and how we run our ops.”
Clara Martins
Director of Software Experience GE Healthcare
“I really like the idea, both from a product innovation and a research perspective.”
Sebastian Gurtner
Head of Research at Business School in Bern
“What you are building will radically democratize access to qualitative research within companies.”
Johan Van Langendonck
Director of Strategy, M&A and Partnerships at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions
“If you’ve loved Synthetic Users, send us message on Twitter or Discord. We are building it with you!”